Other mechanical solutions
Blow molding equipment solution
The injection and blowing machine system operates smoothly, locates accurately and moves smoothly and quickly
Blow molding equipment solution
The technology of blowing bottle controller and wall thickness controller is integrated and distributed control is adopted
Hot press molding machine (cup-made machine) solution
Full servo drive control system is adopted to realize the simultaneous movement of forming, punching, cutting, stacking and other processes. Achieve high precision position control and shorten the control cycle.
Extruder solution
Through the special electronic control and servo system, the speed closed-loop, head pressure closed-loop and wall thickness closed-loop of the whole system can be realized, so as to ensure the high accuracy and high response of the whole system. The centralized temperature control method is adopted to ensure the high accuracy of temperature control. This scheme has been used in sheet mills, pipe mills, special-shaped mills, granulators and other extruders. Adopt man-machine interface, touch screen, frequency conversion technology, intelligent, high integration, automatic integration.​
Rubber machine solution
Electric control and servo system are combined to improve the operation efficiency, control accuracy and stability of the whole system to ensure product quality and meet customer requirements. Precision hydraulic servo energy saving control, low speed to meet the large torque output smoothly ​and steadily.
Die casting machine solution
Aiming at the special service environment and condition of die casting industry, double pump servo energy saving system is developed, which reduces the energy consumption of die casting machine and improves the production efficiency.
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