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Intelligent Green Building System

Techmaton iGBS is a comprehensive intelligent platform of information integration and management with advanced technology, practical functions, reasonable structure, low cost and high efficiency. It is an indispensable intelligent system for intelligent building management which enhances the efficiency of building management and operation and integrates devices inside buildings. iGBS is suitable for intelligent communities, intelligent buildings, intelligent factories, intelligent hotels and other places.
①  iGBS conforms to the safety standard of industrial communication, highly secure and confidential;
②  The control protocol, encoding and decoding protocol, interface protocol and transmission protocol adopted by iGBS conform to national standards and industrial standards, with good compatibility and interoperability;
③  Under the premise of realizing its complete functions and keeping its good performance, iGBS adopts economical and practical technology and equipment, and the expansion of capacity and functions are fully considered as well to ensure further expansion and smooth upgrade;
④  iGBS provides a simple and friendly human-computer interface for easy operation and management;
⑤  iGBS follows the principle of openness and is able to support multiple hardware devices and network systems. It also allows secondary development.
Management platform
Techmation iGBS Solution for Intelligent Community
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