New energy

With the international development trend of green energy, the photovoltaic market has changed from centralized PV systems to distributed PV systems. Power management systems are applied to regulate power balance, peak-shaving, and to reduce peak load, by which smart management of energy efficiency can be achieved. Large-scale solar power plants have been built and put into operation in China. Thus, real-time monitoring of the operating status of solar power plants, such as monitoring of its status, fault detection, data acquisition, energy dispatching and distribution, etc., is becoming more and more important.

In the fields of green energy and energy storage, Techmation, through the merger and acquisition of an Italian company known as EEI (EQUIPAGGIAMENTI ELETRONICI INDUSTIALI) and other international cooperation, has mastered the key technology and applications. We are able to offer one-stop energy utilization solutions and complete sets of energy management solutions to optimize and maximize the efficiency of PV plants operation and maintenance. EEI provides innovative solutions for emerging industries and these solutions have been applied in green energy field. EEI designs and provides static converters for connecting different types of energy production systems.

In 2016, Techmation established a wholly-owned subsidiary which is SHANGHAI E-EE TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD., focusing on “smart life” and “green energy management”. E-EE and EEI have kept good communication and integrated on both business and technology to apply technology in green energy industry, making ways to gain energy more environmentally friendly and usage of energy more efficient with ecologically sustainable, efficient and reliable solutions. Through joint efforts, humans shall achieve a sustainable environment for the earth. 

Factory Green Energy Management Solution

The factory green energy management solution refers to complete solutions of power efficiency and power management for factories during production. The solution includes photovoltaic power system frontier, power conversion and control, the complete power solution for distribution room and load, and the factory green energy management system. The photovoltaic power system frontier mainly includes PV optimizer, micro MPPT and DC data collector. Regarding power conversion and control, different types of inverters can be provided such as centralized on-grid inverters, energy-storage bidirectional inverters and integrated multi-function inverters. The distribution room and load include switch cabinets for LV AC and DC power, circuit breakers, load measurement and safety units, etc.

Stable Data acquisition and Real-time Monitoring
Provide data acquisition for customized photovoltaic equipment; be able to monitor the communication protocol of domestic equipment to achieve stable data acquisition; reliable data source and equipment information sources monitoring to achieve real-time and historical online data monitoring.

Cloud Storage for Big Data
Through stable cloud service, the massive data from photovoltaic power plants is received and stored. A customized private cloud service is optional, which can be used to build secure independent database.

Accurate Data Analysis
Establish data analysis models to be used to analyze and report data, waveforms, fault warning, fault tolerance, power quality and efficiency; dig deeper into the massive data to find potential value and make scientific predictions of energy trends; provide operational benefits of power plants and decision-making supporting information such as real-time energy production and utilization, etc. to senior management personnel.  

Efficient Online Management For Operation and Maintenance 
•       Online repair
•       Online monitoring
•       Failure analysis
•       Maintenance management

Web-based Human Machine Interaction

Homepage of FGEMS: a display of real-time power-generation plans, electricity analysis, generation benefits and carbon reduction.


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