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Power meter

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    Electric power meter


    Power meter is a special accessory product developed by Techamtion in 2011. It is composed of transformer, power measurement module, and the existing servo energy saving system and network management system of the company, so as to provide more efficient energy management solutions for the plastic machinery industry. Compared with the traditional power meter on the market, the meter can provide quality control and equipment protection functions.


    Can be widely used in various industrial machinery power measurement, such as injection molding machine, die casting machine and other machinery and equipment energy consumption measurement.


    1. The main screen shows the current total energy consumption;
    2. Up to 8 meter connections can be supported;
    3. The monitoring data of the power meter display information of three-phase voltage, current, power and electric energy, etc.;
    4. It can monitor the energy consumption per unit weight of current production.

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