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Motion control card

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        Product overview: 

    The closed-loop control of position and pressure is realized, and there are many control modes. And equipped with a variety of communication interfaces;

       Product advantages: 

    Support for multiple control (mainly position control  with T type and S type optional + pressure control)/integrates some software modules - processing molding process of complex movement control/support CAN + EtherCAT - high-speed industrial bus/a motion card CAN support multiple drives/card design - the area is small, less space utilization/installation is very convenient).

    Product features: 

    CAN digital communication to drive

    Uniaxial servo, HYB3 or HYB5 systems

    Open and close mold, demoulding, rotary disc positioning control

    Injection shaft positioning control, pressure closed-loop control

    Closed loop control of speed of storage shaft

    Hydraulic clamping positioning control

    Closed loop control of oil pressure and pressure

    Backpressure control of material storage

    Main Parameter
    CPU DSP28335
    CAN 0
    Ethernet 2
    EtherCAT 1
    DI 2( DC24V 5mA
    2( DC24V 50mA
    4( 0~10V*3、±10V*1
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