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Temperature control card

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    12-segment temperature control card(RMTP12B) : 

    Professional 12-segment temperature control module overview: professional 12-section temperature control module, card type design, smaller volume, can be placed in the module temperature line junction box.

    Advantages: digital communication/easy to expand/temperature self-learning/measurement accuracy up to 0.1 degrees, 10 times the traditional accuracy/control accuracy plus or minus 0.5 degrees, four times the traditional accuracy/specification: 12-stage temperature control

    16-segment temperature control card(RMTP16B) : 

    Overview: professional 16-segment temperature control module

    Size/L*W*D (mm) 190*115*35.5
    CPU LM3S9B90, 80MHzFLASH 256KB, SRAM 96KB
    Temperature 12 segment
    Digital Output 12 dot(DC24V, MAX 1.2A)
    CAN 1 group
    Measurement accuracy
    Control accuracy

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