To meet the "July 1st" -- company organized employees to participate in voluntary blood donation activity

To meet the "July 1st", at the end of June, companies actively responded to the initiative of Dagang district. Company organized employees to participate in voluntary blood donation activities of the organization. Employees of each department were very active, arranging their job in advance, and followed the administrative department to donate blood. 

Company held “Professional administrative management” training

New round of employees just started the training not long ago. On April 26th, Department of Management organized a "Professional administrative management" special training in accordance with the annual training program. The training was held in the multimedia conference room in the office building. A total of more than 50 people consisted of all management, back office workers, and some sales service and technical personnel participated in the training.


“Care about body. Pay attention to health” – Union-organized employee body checkup news center

In April where the spring is in the air, the union organized employee health check and divided them into two batches according to the work arrangement. The examination was held on April 10th and 22nd.
That day, health check center arranged the equipments and staff at company's activity center, giving employees on-site service and great convenience. Staffs from the union arrived early to post the precautions and organize the project area. They prepared rich breakfast and arranged people to guide the checkup process on-site. They provided attentive service, fully showing the heart-warming service purpose of the union. 
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