2018 Techamtion staff travel third stop,the western China

The staff of Techmation went to western China for employee travel in September. The six-day trip has an average of 5-6 hours car-drive every day, but everyone does not feel the slightest sleepy and tired, accompanied by laughter and laughter. 


Life does not stop in motion ---- Record the climbing competition of the 2018 beilun national fitness workers' games Employee Activity

  In 2018, Beilun District National Fitness promoted the coordination activities of the East and West Departments. The 4th National Sports Games Mountaineering Competition was held in the beautiful Ruiyan Temple Scenic Spot in Chaiqiao, Beilun. The union responded positively and jointly organized and led 40 employees to participate in 4 teams. The autumn is crisp, and the fresh air in the early morning of Ruiyan Temple is filled with the sweet smell of sweet-scented osmanthus. Although it is a very early morning, everyone is full of spirits, and they are greeted with the number plates and timing cards provided by the organizers.

2018 Techamtion staff travel first stop, Fuzhou

In order to enhance employees' sense of belonging and team awareness, and let employees relax their minds while working hard, 2018 Hongxun Technology staff travel activities began. This year's route has a strolling around Nha Trang, traveling northwest, and Fuzhou Yunding. Fuzhou Yunding Love is the first stop of this year's tourism activities. This tour has visited Yunding Egg House, Haixi Glacier Grand Canyon, Tianchi Grassland, Pingtan Island, Beigang Cultural Village, Haitan Ancient City, Sanfang Qixiang. Going up the mountain and going down the sea.

Voluntary blood donation - let love light up the world

 The enthusiasm of the employees to donate blood for free cannot be kept off by the hot weather . After the voluntary donation of the Xiaogang factory in May 2018, the staff of the Dagang factory also actively responded to the unpaid blood donation organized by the Dagang community on August 9.
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