2023 CHINAPLAS@Perfect Ending, 2024@Shanghai to be Continued


On April 20, CHINAPLAS 2023 was successfully concluded at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. The world fair lasted for four days, and the total number of visitors exceeded 240000 at a record high.
Techmation attended this world fair with the theme of "Envisioning a Techmation Digital Vision", and achieved a complete success!

Let's follow our camera and see what we have exhibited. 

Eye-catching -  Digital solution

tmIoT® IoT Cloud Platform is with a private cloud based on Nectar OS, an industrial operating system independently developed by Techmation.
With design of No code programming and IoT building-block programming, through tmIoT database, standard components are configured like building with blocks. Through simple modular dragging by cloud tools, IoT applications can be easily achieved without any difficulty.

It integrates with injection molding control systems and provides intelligent factory solutions through edge computing, Big data analysis and other means, which is the best choice for digital upgrading of the injection molding industry.




Brilliant-iTECH Series

Full Digital control system solution - iTECH series, using our independently developed SA-BUS bus control,
Full digital communication, simple wiring, greatly improved real-time performance, stability and expansibility, bringing more possibilities for injection molding control.



Dazzling-Rex Series

Open all digital solution - Rex series, a processor hardware platform based on Cortex A53 architecture, and a new generation of electronic control system that complies with PLCopen specifications.

Adopting high-speed SA-BUS based on Ethernet, with built-in motion control components named PLC SoftMotion independently developed by us, suitable for precise and high-speed industrial control of advanced equipment.



Impressive-SANDAL Series

All electric/hybrid control system solutions - SANDAL series, using our independently developed SA Communication System.
Perfect integration with hardware such as our high-end plastic machine control system (SANDAL II), high-end robotic arm control system (THUJA), auxiliary equipment and etc.
Based on full digital communication between the robotic arm and the injection molding machine, it provides a highly integrated solution of "one machine with one manipulator" for plastic machine factories, which is favored by many visitors.



Exchanging sentiments of friendship, seeking cooperation for mutual development




Techmation has been focusing on the automation field of the rubber and plastic industry for nearly 40 years, mastering industrial control technology, drive technology, communication bus technology, motion modules, control modules, manufacturing management and etc. 
Every breakthrough and progress of Techmation is inseparable from the recognition and support from the industry and from its customers.
Techmation will continue to carry the mission of "leading Industry Development and Promoting Industrial Upgrading", bringing more new concepts, products, and solutions to its customers, and writing a new chapter in the integration of intelligence and digitization of the plastic processing industry.
2024 @ Shanghai, see you there!

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