Techmation Staff Participated in Blood Donation Activity Called "Silent Love" Organized by the Community


We all know there is a kind of love known as unpaid blood donation, and Techmation has been doing this to help and save lives for 9 consecutive years, actively responding to the call of the community.  

On August 19, this group of caring people from Techmation again went to blood donation. 

The CPC party memebers among them were the first ones, setting a good example with voluntary spirit.


A drop of blood reflects a piece of heart.

Among them, there were people who had been voluntarily donating blood for nine consecutive years;

And there were people who had been voluntarily donating blood since they came to Techmation. 


Among them, there were also people who were the first time to donate blood. 

They came out of their courage and good faith trying to help others in a way. 


Voluntary blood donation reflects selfless dedication.

This spirit of love has been passed down from generation to generation inside Techmation and it won’t be stopped in the future!

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