2022 Vocational Skill Competition Came to a Successful Conclusion


In order to effectively strengthen the employee teams, improve their skills, enrich their cultural life, and fully mobilize their working enthusiasm, Techmation’s labor union has recently organized the “2022 Vocational Skill Competition” in Techmation.
The competition mainly focuses on the practical operation and including three subjects: welding, software program modification and testing, driver assembly. The score is given based on the comprehensive performance.  

Competition Starts!

At 8:30 in the morning, the competition started with an order from the referee. 

Subject 1 Welding: SMD chips and DIP horn sockets welding

Requirements: reliable and clean operation. 


The seniors acted as judges and tolerate no carelessness.


Subject 2 Software Program Modification and Testing.

Requirements: add specified functions on the basis of standard procedures and complete full-automatic process testing, the one using the shortest time shall win.

The contestants operated skillfully and orderly: modifying functions, burning programs, parameters commissioning, etc.


Suject 3 Driver Assembly

Requirements: completely disassemble and reassemble the driver, adjust the voltage to required values. 

The contestants are evenly matched, with a difference of only 10 seconds between the first place and the second place.



The first, second and third prizes were awarded for each subject.
This competition provided employees with a platform for mutual communication and exquisite skills presentation, which greatly inspired employees' enthusiasm for continuous research and improving their skills. 

Let the spirit of pursuing excellence and better skills be more popular in Techmation!

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